Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Christmas Spectacular

It’s time for my second annual Christmas Spectacular.

Unfortunately, I note that as I start this post, I have no ideas for it other than to write something -- so I’m going to have to wing it. Looking at last year’s categories for reference, they included best holiday movies, best holiday books, best holiday images, best holiday songs and best posts for 2006.

So, thinking quickly, I’ve come up with a few new categories, including, my new favorite -- best comments on

Best’s best posts of the year (it so embarrassing to have to give myself awards, but let’s face it, no one is giving this blog a Pulitzer):

10. The Great Paavo Nurmi (4/11/07)
9. The new and improved Miss Malaprop (4/26/07)
8. The Amazing Richard Burton (but not the one you are thinking of)(3/15/07)
7. Leo Szilard: Father of the Bomb (1/9/07)
6. How the Left Blew the Partial Birth Abortion Case (4/19/07)
5. The Nazi Invasion of Long Island (1/24/07)
4. The Manhattan Project for Education (10/15/07)
3. Will the real Tom Bombadil please stand up (7/17/07)
2. Would you have Father Abraham for your Father (5/22/07)
1. Toughness Personified: George Chuvalo (9/10/07)

Best personal annual holiday experiences (usually, anyway):

5. Egg nog.
4. All those lit up houses (actually, this year was awful around here).
3. Annual viewings of my favorite Xmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street. I tear up three times. First,when Kris speaks to the little Dutch orphan; second, when Doris writes on the bottom of Susan’s letter to Kris “I believe in you too”; and, third, when Fred and Doris see Kris’ cane in the house. Doesn’t matter how often I’ve seen it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about watch the damn movie, but, for the millionth time,ONLY the 1947 version.
2. Annual visit to Rockefeller Centre.
1. Christmas dinner.

Best comments on (don’t blame me for their spelling errors – I make enough of my own):

5. “I feel pretty was from West Side Story, not My Fair Lady.” (by Don – 3/7/07). Well, got me there, but I try not to think about my mistakes. It’s a blog. I just fix them.

4. “Oh lord, would you guys get a life. Who cares? Stick to the important topics in life: good cigars, professional wrestling, American history, natural science, sports, cars, and broads. Abortion rights!?! Please. As George Carlin famously said, “ever notice that the woman the pro-life rallies are too ugly to f—k.” (by Bear – 4/19/07) Perhaps I should add Bear’s home address.

3. Tie:

(a) “You have earned a seat in the conservative wing of the Republican party, old boy. Congratulations. You are almost a fascist. Surprised you are not a bigger fan of McCain and Giuliani, as you certainly support the heart of their political views.” (by Bear -- July 4, 2007)

(b) “Hey, What is this Soviet history. Libby NEVER was accused of, or did reveal anything about Plame. Richard Armitage did. Nor is it wrong to mention that which is known generally in the public domain (that someone drving into Langley everyday works for the CIA. Which he also did not do. This was a witch hunt in which a supposed crime was invented after the prosecutor knew that the crime which he was commissioned to investigate never took place.” (by Don -- 7/2/07).

2. “You are too liberal you pinko commie. John Paul Stevens [&] Ruth Bader Ginsburg” (also by, I have on good authority, the marauding Montanan, Don 11/5/07)

1. Tie:
(a) “De rigeur? Did he say “De Rigeur”? He did. He did say “De rigeur”! Well, a fine de rigeur to you as well. Hello, have a nice de rigeur. And a nice de rigeur right back atcha’. Snnnnxxxxkxxxx, ZZZzzzzzzz, Snxxxx, ZZZzzzzzz.”(Bear 11/05/07) Actually, Bear, we both spelled it wrong. I got to fix mine. Nyah, nyah.

(b) “re. lazy kids. Look whos talking person who has time to write child abuse articles. . . lil Max (p.s. u no who i am). like the grammar, blame the schools.” This 10/15/07 comment was apparently written by an insane maniac who goes by the name of “lil max” [excuse me while I lock my door].

Folks, we need some new comments. These guys are just brutal.

Best movies of the year:

5. Dan in Real Life
4. American Gangster
3. Grindhouse
2. Knocked Up
1. No Country for Old Men

Biggest movie disappointments:

3. Spider-Man III
2. Pirates of the Caribbean III
1. Everything else with III on the end.

Movie I’m happiest I didn’t see:

Evan Almighty

Movie I wish I saw:

3:10 to Yuma

New series I’m glad I watch on tv:

The Office (it’s new to me).

TV shows I’m glad I don’t have time too watch:

Virtually everything else.

Best Books of 2007:

2. Shakespeare: The World as Stage by Bill Bryson. This is not Bryson’s best book. I think Mother Tongue (also his first) was. But he is always fun and the pages fly. This one is a short but interesting synopsis of the one and only Shakespeare (despite what anyone tells you). Although, there are longer and more detailed biographies, he manages to summarize everything in perfect proportion to my interests.

1. The Day of Battle: The War in Sicily and Italy – 1943-1944 by Rick Atkinson. This is much better than his also excellent An Army at Dawn: The War in North Africa (2003). He figured out what worked best in the first volume and went with it.

Prediction for second worst anticipated feeling for 2008:

Finding out who won the two major party nominations.

Prediction for worst anticipated feeling for 2008:

You guessed it. Finding out who actually won the presidential election.

Most ridiculous holiday news story:

Santa's in training in Australia were asked not to say "ho, ho, ho" because it might offend women and frighten children. Frankly, if women in Australia are actually so dumb that they can't tell the difference between being called a "ho" and Santa laughing "ho, ho, ho," I'm going there now. It might be my only hope.

New Years resolution:

To do a beter job profreeding this bolg.

Happy Holidays, folks.

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  1. Thanks for publishing my least politically correct comment. Everyone who reads your blog knows me, so now I am mud with the women in our lives. Hmm. Maybe there is an upside to this after all....


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