Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To my loyal readers

Before posting tonight's blog I wanted to say a few words to my loyal readers. We may not be the most popular blog, but since September of this year, only two short months ago, we have grown an amazing 300 per cent in regular readers. I'd like to see the Daily Kos top that.

Our regular readership stretches from the Eastern Time Zone to the Pacific. If I can get my one relative in Serbia to read it, we will be intercontinental. I just need something to bribe her with.

You might be interested in some facts about yourselves.

First, not surprisingly, none of you know any other one of you.
Second, the average female reader is taller than that of the average male reader.
Third, recessive genes or not, more of you have light colored hair than dark colored hair.

All of that would be stranger still if there were more than three of you.

More seriously, thanks for reading. I have no really good reason why I do this except that it interests me to talk about these things, and its unlikely I will find anyone who would let me go on like this in real life. It is nice to know someone is looking at it.

I have been trying to alternate more serious with lighter topics. You all have different interests and I realize that it would be foolish to try and satisfy all or any of you with what I write. Hopefully, some of it will continue to interest you.

Tonight is a rather serious political topic, which I will finish up in about two weeks. Much of the last two parts are complete (Damn - is that "are complete" modifying "two parts" or "is complete" modifying "most"? See what I go through), but it was getting a little long and I wanted to post something.

Next week, to be published Thursday the 2nd, is a more relaxed look at one of my favorite now defunct deities and his appearance in our culture in two important ways.

Thanks, again. D


  1. dopeydonald10:48 AM

    How tall is she?
    Great post- although I think that it has gone beyond being a mere tactic and has developed into a long-term strategy of bringing down the USA (and west in general).

  2. Youknowwho8:04 PM

    Rather tall, and I might add, a stunning blue-eyed blonde. Great sense of humor, extremely intelligent, and modest to boot.


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