Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tribute to Robert Parker - creator of Spenser and Hawk


"You worried about things you've done?"
"Nope. You?"
"No. They'll put me where they see fit and I'll try and like it."
"Got to face it - we may not end up together. We've done different things."
“They’ve tried to separate us before. Never seems to work out for them.”
“Beer’s good up here, at least.”
"Might be down there instead of up here."
"Doubt it. I’m still so cool."
"Maybe this is just the ante-chamber. I'm feeling a little warm."
"Then take off your overcoat."
"I would, but, I still have on the wife beater I wore when I fought Jersey Joe."
“That was a good day."
"Yes, it was."

. . .

"You miss her?"
"Not yet. But soon, I think."
"I was talking about the dog, you know."
"So was I."
"How about the skinny one?"
"I suppose she'll be along soon. She's no spring chicken."
"Still beautiful though."
"Course. She's with me”
“Must be why I’m still so beautiful too.”
“I'll wait for her if I have to. We always end up together."
"You know she's definately going upstairs, right?"
"Naturally. She's one of the chosen people."
"But a good person, too. That's got to mean something. What if you don't end up in the same place as her?"
"Then I'll go find her."
"Could be consequences."
"Could be. Always been like that."
"You know I'll back your play."
"You always have."
"Always will."
"Same here."
"I know."

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