Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Political update - early report

My political update for December is due at the publisher later this week, and I may or may not get to it. But, while I'm sitting in front of the computer, let me make a couple of quick comments (how unlike me).

First, one of the best thing going for Newt Gingrich, which makes me worry, is that the so-called pundits and experts keep saying he doesn't really have a chance. That makes it much more likely he will get nominated.  Those guys are so wrong so often they are poison. I'm still calling Romney, but something may get in the way. Here's what.

Herman Cain is going to - it was inevitable and now is doubly so - get out of the race. When he does - where do you think his supporters are going? Not Romney. His best buddy up there so far has been Gingrich. And, they attract the same kind of religious following (which, of course, is ironic in both cases given their personal histories, at least as reported). If Cain goes out, expect Gingrich to take big leads in Iowa and S. Carolina and some kind of lead, or at least a statistical tie in New Hampshire.

As for Cain, I have two remarks. First, what is the delusion these men have that this stuff will not come out in a presidential run. Second, does anyone now doubt any of the reports about Cain except his most ardent followers or conservatives who are just positive someone with their political philosophy could never behave that way?

Let this be a lesson to you pols (I'm laughing because they never will listen to anyone about this. If you have bad skeletons in the closet. Bring them right out before you start and say it is no one's business any further than this - and then be as expansive as is decent. Or don't run and ruin your family's lives? How do you think Mrs. Cain and their children and grandchildren feel right now?


    Yeah, baby. Gingrich vs. Obama in 2012. Love it. You can't make up better stuff than this....

  2. Well, Dick Morris made up Hillary v. Condi in 2008, so maybe you can, but they would be interesting debates.


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