Sunday, January 15, 2012

A case of the stubborns

I have to wonder - did he really think he had a chance? The media, because they just chase stories and could care about reality, made it seem like a big deal that he might and then did enter the race, as if it would make a difference. Huntsman seemed dead on arrival to me. The only mistake I made was thinking he wouldn't even make it to Iowa. He did, but only because he didn't compete there, and then New Hampshire, which he camped out in for months, and briefly made crazy people think he looked like he was a contender by finishing third. He had said that Iowa didn't matter after it was over, and he was right, but it is true of New Hampshire too. South Carolina is more important but probably everyone who was thinking of voting for him there was named or married to a Huntsman too.

It is reported that he is going to endorse Romney, which is the second biggest endorsement any candidate has gotten so far since Ashley Madison, the dating site for adulters, endorsed Gingrich. These endorsements by candidates who just got finished criticizing the person they are now endorsing make me uncomfortable. But, that's what politicians do, isn't it? Be endlessly hypocritical with a smile.

By endorsing Romney, you may have gotten yourself another gig in China, but didn't you criticize them a little bit too during your campaign? That might not go over so well. He can't make you VP (as, you are both Mormons, and God forbid), but he'll find something for you. Frankly, if I were you, I'd write a book and hang out with your large family skiing and doing other fun stuff. You can run again in four or eight years when everyone forgets that you won the Michael Dukakis award for scintilating performances at a debate. We know - Utah was the number one job producer. Tells us something we don't know.

Actually, I like the guy. But, as I said the first time I mentioned him in these evalovin' pages - he had a slightly better chance of winning than I did.


  1. A case of the stubborns???? What is this, political commentary from Dr. Seuss? What'a next? Romney Hears a Who, The Gingrich that Stole Christmas, Ron Paul in a Hat?

  2. You would have had a slightly better chance than him except for his rather hot daughters.


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