Sunday, February 02, 2014

Super Bowlllll!!!!!!

Been overdosing on football here, but it is Super Bowl today and why not end the year with a bang before I go into post football mourning.

These are predictions, but the type that would surprise me zero if none come true.

1) I've already said why I believe Seattle will win by a bit, probably less than a score.

2) If Denver has a last chance to win and throws the ball up, Richard Sherman will again make the big play (interception?) to end the game.

3) If Denver wins, it will largely be due to the efforts of Knowshon Moreno, who gets little credit as opposed to his Seattle counterpart - Marshawn Lynch.

4). If either Nnowshon or Marshawn performs very well, an unusual number of just born children will bear their name in the next year.

So much for predictions -

Who are the unsung heroes this year? In my mind it was Denver's line, who protected Manning as well as any line I ever remember protecting any quarterback. Without taking anything away from his own abilities, his record blasting season is in good part due to them - as he well knows and says.

By the way, I blasted (in an online comment I seriously doubt he read) a well known sports columnist for saying Peyton was less than a sweetheart and intimating he was the central, if not only reason, for a sex discrimination lawsuit while at college. I don't know Peyton personally, of course, and can only go by his publicity and what others say, but apparently he mooned a trainer that wasn't very popular as a gag when still in school. But, she sued the college too over a number of issues and that was only one. He did not settle with her  but the school did (although there was a later slander suit by her against him of which we really don't know what happened). All I see is an apparently good guy who did something dumb while just a stupid college kid. I don't care if the columnist (who I am not dignifying by using his name) mentions it, but you shouldn't just hit and run like that - say enough so people don't think he molested her, for goodness sakes.  And remember, I'm a Brady fan.

Looking forward to a great game.

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