Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's all about the pictures

I don't know. I wrote one and a half articles this week for the blog and neither satisfied me, so I'm changing course. One was just some thoughts and the half was political philosophy. Did the research, but didn't really write it. The first was too whimsical for my mood and the second, well, I've been writing too much of that lately. And, if you look at the subtitle to my blog, it's My thoughts - what else? So why don't I just write about what's been on my mind -- THE PICTURES, BABY.

It has been unbelievable around here lately here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've been promised by any number of locals this Spring/Summer, that if I thought it was pretty then, just wait until the Fall.

As happy as I am with these photo's, I have to admit, they don't do it justice. For that you need eyes and 360 views. Even the colors, bright as they seem here, are much richer still in person. But, they are still amazing.

Here's my secret for taking great pictures in four easy steps. Get a good camera, find something pretty, point the camera and click the big button on top. I can't beleive people actually call themselves photographers and make money off this. I mean, did they create the light and the leaves.

These first few are of the mountain in my backyard and most of the shots are standing there going, wow, look at this. The first is almost a Rorschack test. I know it sounds strange, but I see kissing.

I moved to this new place a little uphill from the old ones, but my views improved dramatically. As soon as I moved in I made it a point to remember to look outside for the sunset every night when it was setting over the distant mountains southwest of me. Most nights, it was a very good idea.

Three things make a great sunset - not too much sun (too glary), clouds (reflection) and offsetting stuff (like mountains or water [more reflections]). Clouds though, are definitely my favorites. Check these babies out.

Sunrises are kind of nice too. I love this one on the left as the sun came over a lake near the the strangely named Peaks of Otter (there are no otters around here).

Some required animal shots and then were almost home.

Just some fall stuff and we are done.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Good post. Great Pics. Snow down there already?


  2. Oh David, I am so jealous. Yes it is beautiful here too, but we only get ONE color in the fall - well this year 1.5. It looks lovely!
    And I see kissing in the first one too.
    PS Still have to comment on your embarrassing moments post - that was over the top - but another day!

  3. Confession is good for the soul. I'd rather acknowledge my embarrassing moments than spend my life pretending. That takes too much energy.

    And, yes, it really is a beautiful place. Hope no more Yankees move down here and ruin it.

  4. Unless it's tits and ass (and nice looking T and A, at that)don't waste my precious blog-reading time with pictures! That's what email is for you ninny! I thought the first picture looked like a vagina. Huh-huh, huh, huh......

  5. How is it I haven't killed him?


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