Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunset Sunrise

I have been pretty busy lately working and have neglected the world's most frequently read blog (that I personally write). So, to take it easy on myself, I am doing a photo-thingee today. I see that despite taking a gazillion pictures of sunsets and sunrises in the last few years, particularly from my previous Buchanan, Va. home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, most of them from within 50 yards of each other, I have never posted all that many together, though I think I did put some on another photo-post a year or so ago with captions from Thoreau.  I think they are pretty good, some I think spectacular. I take no credit for them except that I go out of my way to patiently take pictures of pretty stuff and try to avoid getting unpretty stuff in the way of nature. The variety of colors and cloud shapes down there just took my breath away day after day. Possibly it was the mountains that made the difference. I don't know what to make of pictures I see on the web. Some of them are so beautiful I immediately expect they are touched up. But, cameras are improving so fast that they are also computers and maybe they are doing the same thing as a laptop could just to begin with. It's one of the problems of modern digital life. You can't be sure what is real or not. At least I know mine are real. I don't make many comments. So, here we go.




Out West.


Buchanan. The light created a weird, almost in an impressionism or pointillism style.

Santorini, Greece. Close up of the one just below.

Santorini, Greece.



Where the James and Maury Rivers meet not too far from where I lived.


This one was taken from the first house I lived in for less than a year in Buchanan and about a quarter to half mile from the one most of these are taken from. It wasn't sunset in this picture but an unusual weather event I just happened to look outside and catch. Can you see the ghostly steeple in the right corner? You might have to tilt your screen.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Santorini, Greece again, from my first trip there in 1992. This cheap camera was technologically primitive compared to those made today, but took one of the best pictures I ever shot.

Monument Valley, Utah. I believe I used a filter on this one because the lighting was too bright, but can't be sure.

Grand Canyon. I forget if this was sunrise or sunset.

Erice, Sicily. Sunrise there is amazing as the clouds roll right on top of you up on a high plateau.

Monument Valley.

Cefalu, Sicily at sunset. Like a post card.

Northport, Long Island.

Dawn, Montauk Point, New Years Day about 15 years ago.

Back to Buchanan.



This one is not sunset, but just of my backyard in Buchanan. I just love the fall colors on Mt. Purgatory that year.
Remarkable Sedona, Arizona.

Buchanan. Look at the rain in that cloud on top of the mountain, making a reddish brown color I am not sure I ever saw in a cloud before. I'm not sure if it is clear from the picture but the result of it was an amazing clarity of light between it and the mountain top.

Hawk migration season in Buchanan, Va. about a half hour before sundown while the sky was still bluey blue.

Buchanan from my porch.

This luminous blue was so spectacular that a Buchanan neighbor knocked on my door to make sure I didn't miss it. It's one of my all time favorites.

Had enough? I have more.

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