Thursday, July 14, 2016

VP Stakes


But we do, we do.

Trump will pick Mike Pence. I know some in his family will want Newt, but he is as explosive, arrogant, sensitive and quarrelsome as Trump. I guess I am saying he will not pick Newt, because I can't believe he will make even more mistakes. But, sigh, that would be a shame. There was a time a few years ago where I thought I could stomach a Christie presidency, but I have since been put off by his support for Trump.

I'm going with Pence because he's experienced (as are the other two), and he seems like a normal person, whereas Newt and Christie seem like characters.

I know people have said Jeff Sessions is in it. I think that is out of politeness, because of Session's early support. I do not think Gen'l Michael Flynn will be his choice either. Trump thinks he is his own best adviser on everything, including the military.

My chances for each:

Pence: 35%
Gingrich: 30%
Christie: 25%
Other: 10%

Clinton I have narrowed down to three also, not that there are any surprises. I do not think she will go with another woman. Tim Kaine, Julian Castro and Adm. James Stavridis. Kaine is tough and middle of the road, Castro is Hispanic and that's what they care about, and Stavridis makes her look strong. This is the order that seem most likely to me:

Kaine: 35%
Castro: 30%
Stavridis: 20%
Other: 15%

Of course, I've been wrong about everything else in this campaign, so . . . .


  1. Good call on Pence.

    1. I was just in time. They announced later that day. About time I got one right.

  2. Kaine was an easy call, but Pence was not. Good job, Frodo. You've been on a roll lately. It's been a while since I skipped half your blog or thought you wrote it while smoking crack.


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